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A full year-long calendar of events combined with noticeable upgrades to our pool, club and grounds are fulfilling our vision of serving the community and ensure that this is a great time to belong. If you are a member - thank you! It is our pleasure to welcome you to your community club.If you are not yet a member be sure to register now to join the club!

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Bent Tree West Waves Swim Team

Practice Times


10:15 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.


Meet Schedule

All Meets are scheduled to start at 8 a.m. 

  • June 12 - Stonebridge Ranch
  • June 20 - GlennEagles Country Club
  • June 27 - Stonebridge Ranch
  • July 10 - Hidden Creek Country Club
  • July 12 - Champ Aquatics in the colony (this is the $25 fee one and our final)
  • End of Season Party Bent Tree West Swim and Tennis Club

Contact Information

Swim Team Manager

Melanie Algermissen


Cost is $150 for first child & $125 for each additional child


Do I have to be a member of BTW S&T for my child to swim on The Waves Swim Team?
NO, membership to BTWSTC is not required.  However you and your child will not be permitted to stay in the pool area after practices.

What is the practice cancellation policy in case of rain?
We will hold all practices if at all possible. If there is no lightning, there is a good chance that we will practice on rainy days. Should practice be cancelled, you will receive an email as soon as the decision is made, notifying you of the change. If you do not receive an email, assume that there is practice.

Does my child have to participate in Swim Meets?
The meets are strongly encouraged as they are an important part of The Wave team swimming. All swimmers must participate in at least two dual meets to be eligible to swim in the Divisional meet.

If my swimmer misses a week of practice due to vacation, camp, VBS, etc., can they still participate in the next meet?

Absolutely! We are very aware that conflicts will arise; however, you must communicate all meet absences with your coaches well in advance so that relays can be planned for meet day.

How do we determine what my child will swim in meets?
We will continue the practice of our swimmers and parents choosing events preferred prior to the meet.  Coach Julia will contact via email parents prior to the meet.  Choices for events need to be emailed back to Julia for her to file the choices with the league.  Six years and under will have the choice of freestyle (25 meter) and backstroke (25 meter), with an option for a relay in each if there are enough swimmers in that age group.  The coach will make the final decision on what your child will swim as the overall team's best interest must be considered.

What is the Schedule
The practices will be June 1 - 3pm:  4:15 to 5:15pm

From June 7 through the rest of the season we will offer two practices per day, swimmers need choose only one.

Those are 10:30 to 11:30am and 12:30 to 1:30pm.

Mondays are meet days and Fridays are ribbon days.

We will also offer swim lessons, information will be forthcoming.

The Waves Swim Team-participation

VOLUNTEERS - It is vital and mandatory that all families recognize the importance of this aspect.  We literally cannot host or attend a Swim Meet without the help of each and every family, at each and every Meet. What we request is one adult (mother, father, sibling age 16 or older, babysitter, nanny, grandparent, etc.) to volunteer for 1/2 of each Meet.  We will work with you to ensure that you can also watch your swimmer(s) compete.

ANNOUNCER:  (2) persons per HOME Meet.  This person uses the PA system to announce each event, get the swimmers ready on their mark and begin each event.  1 volunteer per shift.
READY BENCH:  (4) persons per Meet, Home and Away:  These parents help get the swimmers lined up and organized for upcoming events.  We ask that the swimmers arrive ready to swim, confirm - if needed - events with the coaches and then stay in a designated area so they can be quickly located for their event.  If each swimmer stays with their parents, we have a difficult time getting them to the event in time.  Give your child a towel to sit on, snacks and drinks if needed, perhaps a book or other means to keep occupied.  During Home Meets, we utilize the fenced area where the small playground and volleyball court are located.  2 Volunteers per shift.
TIMERS:  (14) persons per Meet, Home and Away:  These volunteers use stop watches to time and record each swimmer.  There will be two timers per lane, one from the Home team and one from Away.  This is useful in the event of faulty stopwatches.  Both times are averaged to give the swimmer their official time.  We also need (1) Head Timer for each half at HOME Meets, to start their stopwatch at the beginning of each race in the event a stopwatch malfunctions.
(4) per Home Meet:  Once the swimmers are lined up ready to take their mark, they pass their physical race card to a runner who brings it to the Timers to record their times. 
RIBBON WRITERS: (6) per Meet, Home and Away:  We need the average times calculated, either manually or via computer entry, the places awarded and information written on the ribbon identification tags.
CONCESSIONS: (6) per Home Meet:  This year we will offer slices of cooked pizza, candy, water, soft drinks and Gatorade. 

The WAVE Swim Meet Photos 

 Photos by: Tania Lopez